And these blooms will happen multiple times a year. To make sure your anthurium plants produce flowers regularly, you should water them appropriately, place in a bright location, keep humidity high, and feed with a fertilizer high in phosphorus. Low light also causes anthurium growth to slow down and fail to bloom throughout the year. The flowers are quite fragile. The only time you need to prune flamingo flowers is to remove dead foliage and trim off spent flowers. Carefully separate the root mass into two or three sections, making sure that there are at least two leaves on each. In the picture: Anthurium andraeanum with straight flowering spike (spadix) and heart shaped red bract and green foliage. The most common reason why flamingo green waxy leaves turn yellow is overwatering. Remedy: To solve this issue and avoid any long-term damage, shift your regular watering schedule. The most common pests to affect flamingo flowers are mealybugs, spider mites, and aphids. Flowering plants are known for being slightly touchier when it comes to their overall well-being, especially when kept indoors. Please read our article to find out how to kill common indoor plant pests naturally. The flamingo flower is the finger-like projection that grows at the base of the spathe. … And these blooms will happen multiple times a year. The bract can be red, pink or orange. Allow all the water to drain before placing the tropical flowering plant back in a bright location. To check if the soil is of the right consistency, water should drain quickly through the potting mix. Repot anthurium plants every two to three years in spring to prevent them from becoming rootbound. These are tiny pests that leave webs under the plant leaves and on stems. Jerry Yarnell Inspiration of Painting videos dvds teach you how to paint using fine art techniques in acrylics and oil paints. Don’t fret. He has a deep passion for houseplants & gardening and is constantly on the lookout for yet another special plant to add to his arsenal of houseplants, succulents & cacti. Problems with watering are often the root cause of growing issues and mold that affect anthuriums. Let your imagination run wild as you journey through our palette of vivid flowers, textured shrubs, magnificent trees, unique garden decor, … This depends on where you would like to show off your Anthurium. "name": "How long do Anthurium plants live? They are also only a foot in width. It also does not need to be used in full force. Although these tropical plants grow in temperatures above 60°F (15°C), the optimal temperature range is 70°F to 86°F (21°C – 32°C). Anthuriums grow faster in warmer temperatures. Fortunately, Anthuriums can survive on a wide range of different soil types as long as they are high in organic matter. This means that you’ll likely need to trim them every three to five months. Making sure that there are drainage holes at the bottom of your vase or pot will also help keep your plant happy. Garden Plum. When it’s time to water your tropical plant, water thoroughly and deeply. ", The average watering routine for an Anthurium plant will be enough water to fully saturate the roots without causing rot. Learn about many other beautiful types of anthurium plants (including pictures and care guide). }, The reason that we mention this is because of the second consideration. Propagating an anthurium plant helps to manage its size, and you can also gift this beautiful tropical houseplant. Before we discuss how to go about pruning your Anthurium, it’s important to know that these plants are considered toxic. Anthurium plants are not low-light plants. "@type": "Question", If that doesn’t work, add a diluted fertilizer at one-third the usual strength. Remember, they bloom for three months at a time. Paint the Pallet. If you care for them properly, flamingo plants will bloom year on year for many years. Rain Water. You will need to repot flamingo plants when roots poke out the bottom or water doesn’t drain as quickly. The one pictured above is a good general palette knife. Once you’ve placed your Anthurium plant into a container, it will need a regular watering schedule. This is a disease that attacks the plant’s leaves and it can be quickly passed along to other individuals nearby. If you want to add some style to your pallet planter, pick up a couple cans of spray paint and lay your pallet down on the burlap sheeting that you purchased. Cause: Brown spots appearing on the leaves can mean one of two problems. Flamingo plants are perennial evergreen plants that bloom throughout the year. Although they prefer a good amount of light, it should never be direct. } $11.99 $ 11. "acceptedAnswer": { You should dilute fertilizer down to a quarter of the strength, and be careful to use one that is rich in phosphorus. Fortunately for you, the Anthurium does not fall under this category. Under ideal conditions, the plant flowers for between six and seven weeks. Learn About Interior Paint Sheens; ... Careers Customer Service Find a Store. There is also one of the coolest looking houseplants plants you will find—a black anthurium. I love it! Those who know a bit about plants would do best placing their Anthurium plant in a mix designed for epiphytes. Use a soil that is rich in organic material for better growth. This type of watering can cause your anthurium plant to show signs of underwatering—brown tips on the leaves. Bright, indirect sunlight will keep your Anthurium happy. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) says that flamingo flowers are toxic to cats, dogs, and horses. What most people assume is the red waxy flower is not the plant’s flower. The palette knife can also be used to scrape paint off your palette when it’s time to clean up, scrape paint off your canvas, or even apply paint on to the canvas! Now let us go into the trimming details. Anthurium plants don’t require any special pruning to encourage faster growth.