Apply one coat of White Knight Rust Guard® SLS Etch Primer or White Knight Rust Guard® True Bite; then apply White Knight Strokes All Purpose Oil Based Undercoat. In Stock. The tell-tale feature will be on the description of the paint container, specifically identifying the self-etching feature included in the paint. Prime with White Knight Rust Guard® All Purpose Primer or Taubmans 3-in-1 Primer Sealer Undercoat as per label directions. Featuring anti-corrosive properties, it can also be used on previously painted surfaces in a sound condition. Rust Guard Quick Dry SLS Etch Primer Paint by White Knight is an etching primer with a superior locking system for maximum rust protection. Freaked out after application when I went online to read the reviews. Ideal for priming aluminium, galvanised iron ZINCALUME®, chrome, brass and copper objects to protect from corrosion. Metal Etch Primer Haymes Industrial Coating Solutions Metal Etch Primer is a 1K epoxy modified primer designed to provide excellent adhesion to all common metal substrates. White Knight Rust Guard "Metal Primer vs S.L.S Etch Primer. White Knight & Wattyl supply etch primer in rattle cans. For other surfaces use an appropriate primer … White Knight Rust Guard SLS Etch Primer is an etching primer with superior locking system for maximum rust protection. Changing white to white. BOX : 6.00. By Fr_303 in forum Painting Replies: 3 Last Post: 29th Oct 2008, 09:51 PM. By jmk89 in forum Painting Replies: 4 Last Post: 13th Sep 2006, 02:34 PM. BOX : 6.00 375590300GM RUSTGUARD SLS ETCH PRIMER P/P WHITE KNIGHT LIGHT GREY RUSTGUARD AEROSOL $20.50 EACH Inc-GST. 375572300GM WHITE KNIGHT WHITE PRIMER P/P RUSTGUARD MULTI PURPOSE 300G ANTI-CORROSIVE AEROSOL $19.75 EACH Inc-GST. 26th February 2013, 12:47 PM #5. uninformed. GALVANISED IRON AND NON FERROUS METAL: Thoroughly clean the surface and ensure it is free from grease, oil, dirt, rust scale and other contaminants. Self-etching primer frequently comes in a gray color, similar to other primer paint. I've found that Masters are the best price (just under $10 per can) Colin. 4) Apply high-build primer on top 5) Paint basecoat or topcoat 6) Paint clearcoat if applicable Epoxy Primer Epoxy primer works slightly differently, gaining adhesion to the metal surface by sticking to it like glue, rather than etching on to the surface. Prime with White Knight Rust Guard® SLS Etch Primer as per label directions. 3) Apply etch primer making sure not to coat any of the body filled areas! Applied the etching stuff. Painted using a roller. Called the White Knight product team and asked all sorts of questions about what to do when it starts peeling or gets slippery, because I felt I … In Stock. Timber: Prepare surface as detailed above. Waited seven days to drive on it. Solver paints do aluminium etch primer for about the same price. The most common paint type comes in a spray can version, which is the easiest to apply. Showing -of Showing of . I bought White Knight Cold Gal and Bunnings paint guy said put Dulux Etch Primer over the top But, just read the back of the White Knight Cold Gal and it says - Do NOT use products containing acid such as Rust Converter or Etch Primer with White Knight Cold Gal What the?